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Empowering POC-Owned Businesses on Cyber Monday 2023

Empowering Diversity and Economic Growth Through POC-Owned Businesses on Cyber Monday 2023

Empowering Diversity and Economic Growth Through POC-Owned Businesses on Cyber Monday 2023

Cyber Monday has become an annual shopping extravaganza that’s highly anticipated by consumers worldwide. In recent years, it has evolved beyond being just a day for major retailers to offer online discounts. Small businesses, including those owned by People of Color (POC), have also recognized the significance of this day to boost their sales and reach a broader audience. In this article, we’ll highlight the importance of supporting POC-owned businesses on Cyber Monday 2023 and provide a list of some outstanding businesses to check out.

Why Support POC-Owned Businesses on Cyber Monday

1. Economic Empowerment

Supporting POC-owned businesses on Cyber Monday contributes to economic empowerment within marginalized communities. These businesses often face unique challenges when it comes to access to capital and resources. By choosing to shop from these businesses, consumers can directly impact the financial well-being of POC entrepreneurs and their families.

2. Diverse Offerings

POC-owned businesses often bring a unique and diverse perspective to the market. They offer products and services that may not be readily available from mainstream retailers. This diversity in offerings enriches the shopping experience, allowing consumers to discover new and innovative products.

3. Community Growth

When consumers support POC-owned businesses, they help foster community growth. These businesses create job opportunities, support local economies, and reinvest in their neighborhoods. The success of POC-owned businesses can have a cascading effect, uplifting entire communities.

4. Representation Matters

Representation matters in every aspect of our lives, including business. When POC entrepreneurs thrive, it sends a powerful message that anyone, regardless of their background, can succeed. This, in turn, can inspire future generations to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

POC-Owned Businesses to Support on Cyber Monday 2023

Here’s a list of some remarkable POC-owned businesses to consider supporting on Cyber Monday 2023. Each of these businesses offers unique products and services, and by patronizing them, you’re contributing to the empowerment of POC entrepreneurs.

Zen Skincare, glowing skin is the ultimate motivator

Ziggy, maintain healthy hair for women of all hair types

Touched24 Skin Care brand

Harissa Hot Honey ; decadent & seductively spicy flavors of Harissa Hot Honey! Made with the finest locally-sourced honey infused with the aromatic spices of artisanal harissa. Add to your favorite dishes, tea and cocktails.

Sienna Sauce low-sodium, honey based Sienna Sauce contains no high-fructose corn syrup and is gluten-free so the consumers can indulge in its great taste, guilt-free.

Walker Wear heritage lifestyle fashion brand straight from Brooklyn.

Buttah Skin and Body care

Haute High Fashion Digital Boutique The future of Haute High Fashion is Eco-Fashion.
The money made from what you see for sale here will be used to invest in Eco and Tech wear.

Curly Kids Hair Care has been specially developed for children with curly hair and all of the wonderful textures that make up this incredibly diverse hair type.
From hair that is curly-kinky, curly-coily, curly-wavy, curly-frizzy, or a combination of textures, our products satisfy the specific conditioning, moisturizing, and detangling needs that all of these textures share, without being sticky, tacky, or greasy.

Afrofuturistic Artistry; Artworks and imagined characters

The Herbal Jar – the power of herbs and other naturally derived ingredients to enhance health and beauty

New England Sweetwater Farm and Distillery producing artisan spirits since 2015

The Miss Rizos products, to be launched in 2023, have been 10 years in the making. We selected the best ingredients for your pajón and added a bit of Caribbean magic to create the quality you deserve.

CurlyChic Hair Care products specially designed to embrace your curls instead of fight them. Our products won’t leave your hair dry or over-moisturized.

Bamblu is a Black-owned Linen brand.

The Town, Hard Seltzer is a premium vodka hard seltzer made with sparkling water, real fruit juices, and is low calorie, vegan, & gluten free.

ConditionHER natural and safe daily-use moisturizing cream, committed to providing women with safe and effective intimate-care products.

HARLEM HABERDASHERY IS the retail expression of 5001 FLAVORS, a custom-made apparel company creating looks for celebrities, recording artists and sports stars for over 20 years.

Sanctuary Girl is a Black-owned brand created with one objective in mind: to equip, empower, and embolden women to share and grow their faith stories

Mii Sassy creates fine hand- crafted jewelry that is catered to the individual. Whether you’re artsy, fashion forward, trendy or simple, you will find a piece that meets your needs.

Wick and Glow Candle Company™ is a black owned, female-led candle company based in NJ

EATFABSHOPFAB Everyday essentials that make you feel fabulous. Wearable merch designed to highlight your style. Mink lashes to accentuate your beauty & accessories to make you feel nothing but fabulous.

Embellish Beauty provides hair and makeup for brides, busy moms, business executives

ISLAND FLAVORS Our menus are lavish and filled with Caribbean surprises and traditional Jamaican favorites. Our recipes are popular desserts and unique baked goods and drinks. Our flavors include warm comforting ingredients with the sweetness of many tropical fruits. All of our products reflect our diverse cultural heritage.

Whipped Lash Magnetic Eyelashes Unlike old-fashioned extensions, which stick onto the eyelids with glue, magnetic eyelashes contain tiny magnets. These attach to a thick coat of magnetic eyeliner above your lash line in seconds. You can remove them by gently peeling the lashes apart from the magnetic eyeliner.

The Bubble Bistro fresh handmade skin food

Afro Unicorn brand designed to represent the uniqueness of women and children of color in a truly diverse and inclusive fashion.

OpenApothecary + Magic Mama infused products with more love, intention, reiki, prayers and high vibrations to aid in healing.

BBW Blessed BODY WORKS: Blessed Body Works provides holistic and organic products to enhance your rest and relaxation.

Black-owned wine companies are changing the world of wine.

Good Quality Human; Our mission is to ensure everyone has a little SWAG!!

Gifted Apparel NYC; Gifted Apparel prides itself on representing the gifted side in all of us.
Through our designs we offer art, style, and an urban flare that connects all of us to the same motto; “it’s time to be gifted!”

Shopcoolcreative; Statement-making sportswear and accessories. Black owned. Female led.”Create Out Of Love

Estate Sale Goddess BUY IT NOW from estates

I Am Historically Black; Celebrating the Legacy of ALL HBCUs

McMullen, an independent luxury destination nestled within the culturally vibrant city of Oakland.

Spiritual Advisor Mama Redd has become a trusted “GPS” to many with her work. Her Vibes with Mama Redd brand has built a foundation on assisting people on the journey to their enlightenment, using spirituality with a twist.

The Potion Studio is a collection of luxury haircare products designed to revolutionize and elevate your natural beauty and haircare routine.

Desi Favors specializes in merchandise of traditional Indian handmade products.

NŌK CHOC | Premium, Vegan, All-Natural Hot Coco

chokomode Clothing (Brand)

CoCobella Natural’s goal is to help women un-learn some of the negative stereotypes surrounding natural hair

We are a plant shop at the intersection of plant care and self-care

Customized apparel and promotional material for events, organizations, and schools.

Lashique Magnetic Lashes

 A beauty brand where you’ll find exclusive products that will inspire creativity and expression

Nomads is a woman-built company that creates destination-inspired, size-inclusive, sustainable swim and resort wear.

PuffCuff solution for hair

Adirelounge, From our comfortable and functional clothing, we’ve got you covered for your next workout

Elevate your beauty regimen with The Vault, an exquisite program tailored exclusively for you by Marla Rene embarking on a lavish skin care journey

Rudi’s Girls; Affordable and unique products

Vie Beauty We do not compromise when it comes to quality – clean beauty and skin care is the bare minimum.

Notable Brand is nurtured by Melody Huff, a mom, educator, and Bay Area native living in Atlanta. Our goal is to educate you about Notable people who are being, living, and wearing NOTABLE.

8FIGURED APPAREL Activewear has exploded in popularity over the last few years. There’s a vast range out there that looks terrific, whether it’s high-tech sports bras or brightly colored yoga trousers.

ABIYAH NATURALS Handmade skin and hair products

Sandra Quinn; Online Boutique fall and winter collection

Hey Carter! (HC) is a children’s boutique created for Black children, with a focus on Black boys

The Pink Butterfly Candle Co Specializing in scented candles and Melt Me Downs, each candle and wax melt are hand poured using a soy blend wax.  The scents are chosen by our very own chandler to ensure luxury aromas throughout your home.

By supporting these businesses and others like them, you’re contributing to a more inclusive and equitable economy. As Cyber Monday 2023 approaches, consider making a conscious choice to shop from POC-owned businesses and be part of the movement for positive change. Your purchases can have a meaningful impact on the lives of these entrepreneurs and their communities, and you might just discover some incredible products along the way. 

Please let us know if we missed any brands in the article comments.

Michelle Mitchell
Michelle Mitchell
Founder and Publisher digital content creator and supporter of Women Empowerment and initiatives. Enjoy traveling and dining out.


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